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RWA : Regional Water Authority RWA : Regional Water Authority
Our Mission
To serve and represent regional water supply interests and assist Regional Water Authority members with protecting and enhancing the reliability, availability, affordability and quality of water resources.
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Be Water Smart Information
Even in normal rainfall years, Californians must use water wisely. RWA offers tips and resources for saving water, saving energy and reducing your metered water bill. Check out information for homes, gardens and businesses.

The American River Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan helps implement our region's vision for responsibly managing our water resources to provide for the lasting health of our community, economy, and environment.

  Board Activities
View the schedule of RWA Board and Executive Committee meetings and download a copy of the most recent board packet information.

  Regional Water Authority Advocacy Program
The Advocacy Program works to positively influence legislative and regulatory policies and actions that may impact the region and its water supply reliability.
  Delta Issues and Impacts
Water providers are committed to finding sustainable solutions for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the state's water challenges. However, solutions currently under consideration would have significant impacts that undermine the region's water supplies, natural resources, economy and quality of life.

  Water-Wise Gardening
Create your wish list of low water-use plants! It includes garden tours for design ideas, a garden gallery to search for water efficient plants that meet your needs, water conservation tips, and much more.

  Strategic Plan
In September 2013, RWA Board unanimously adopted the updated Goals and Objectives for the RWA Strategic Plan.

May 13, 2016
RWA Drought Response Featured in AWRA Water Resources Impact

May 11, 2016
Excellence in Water Leadership Awarded to General Manager, Mary Henrici

May 9, 2016
California backing away from strict water-saving standards

April 26, 2016
Give Region a Break on Water

March 30, 2016
Snow Survey Results Demonstrate Need to Rethink Drought Emergency in Sacramento Region

March 17, 2016
Sacramento Region Answers State Water Board's Call to Conserve

March 1, 2016
Sacramento Region's Water Supplies Improve but Overcoming Drought Remains a Challenge

February 22, 2016
Sacramento Region Continues Water Reductions in January

January 25, 2016
RWA releases request for qualifications for support in Regional Water Reliability Study.

RWA Master Services Agreement

January 21, 2016
Sacramento Region Reduces Water Use by 30 Percent Overall in 2015

December 21, 2015
Regional Water Authority Applauds Proposed Climate Adjustment in Emergency Conservation Regulations